Natural Resource Projects

Water Quality


SERCD provides leadership to maintain or improve the quality of water within all watersheds in the SERCD by the following:

†††††††††† -Providing assistance on local water quality issues

†††††††††† -Implementing water quality monitoring on a regular basis

†††††††††† -Continuing efforts to maintain and improve water quality throughout the district

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Saratoga Encampment Rawlins Conservation District

Water Quantity


We work on water quantity issues in the following ways:

SERCD promotes the conservation and availability of water for all beneficial uses by the following:

†††††††††† -Protecting all water rights

†††††††††† -Providing assistance to promote efficient use of irrigation water

†††††††††† -Promoting the wise use of water to ensure future water supplies

†††††††††† -Participating in watershed studies and plans

-Providing support/assistance to the Wyoming Weather Modification Pilot Program and other alternative programs

-Participating in North Platte River assessment to address resource and flooding concerns


Wyoming Water Development Commission Small Water Development grants

Participation in the Platte River Basin Advisory Group

Range and Wildlife


As part of our mission to conserve natural resources, we offer expertise and advice on care of your rangeland, particularly for those new to the region.

Range Programs

Technical Assistance

Technical assistance is provided to landowners on grazing management, plant identification, noxious weed problems and types of seeding suitable for conditions.


Tire Tank Sales for Stock Water



The District works closely with landowners on an annual basis to compile data on range conditions.


Fence Conversion

Impassable fences are removed and replaced with fences designed to allow better wildlife movement.


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Land Use

Zoning/Subdivision Reviews

SER C.D. continues to provide written comments to the county planning commission for all proposed zone changes and subdivision reviews. As Carbon County deals with the influx of people due to energy development, the Districtís input on land use issues is vital.

Natural Gas Development

At the state and federal level, SER C.D. works in cooperation with agencies that manage lands within the District. Joe Parsons, District Manager, works with the BLM as part of the Interdisciplinary Team on the Atlantic Rim Natural Gas Field Development Project and the Seminoe Road Natural Gas Project. The District provides environmental input concerning energy development and its impacts to Ag producers and residents. An important goal of the District is working to assure Ag interests are supported and protected and that resources necessary to sustain productive operations continue to be available.

Medicine Bow National Forest

SER C.D. has established a good working relationship

with the Medicine Bow National Forest and as a cooperating agency provides input on the Forest Plan Implementation and other natural resource issues on forest land within the boundaries of SER C.D.

BLM Resource Management Plans

SER C.D. is a cooperating agency, with the BLM, in development of the Lander Office and Rawlins Office Resource Management Plan. The Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) is complete and the Final EIS is the next step in the NEPA process. The DEIS documents the comprehensive analysis of alternatives for the planning and management of public lands and resources administered by the BLM.

Sweetwater Level I Study

SER C.D. is working with Popo Agie Conservation District in coordinating the study. Producers in the northern end of the District will be included in this project and SER CD will work directly with them.

Range Program - Habitat Improvement Projects